‘Eco-Printing’ a Natural dye Workshop

14/10/2017 at 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sharron Harris : 07752 246255



Eco-print scarf

We welcome back tutor Joelle Harris for another workshop

Eco-Print, is the environmentally friendly way to create prints on fabric, using flowers and leaves, Joelle will show you how to achieve these beautiful prints and help you choose leaves and petals to create your own printed samples on linen, cotton and silk as well as a beautiful fair-trade cotton scarf for you to take home.

During the workshop, Joelle will discuss sustainable practices in textile creation and advise on gathering wild plants and collecting from your own garden and kitchen to enable you to use waste material to carry on eco-printing at home with very little equipment.

About Joelle

Joelle lives in North Lincolnshire where you will often find her wandering in the lanes collecting fallen leaves, gaining inspiration for her next project and rummaging in local charity shops in search of beautiful fabrics, she can never resist rescuing velvet, silk and fine linens.

Joelle Harris graduated in 2016 with a First Class Honours Degree in Textiles from Hull School of Art and Design.  She loves the tactile qualities of textiles and expressing her creativity through messy experimentation.  She enjoys diverse processes such as dye, print and hand stitch, and how they can sit together in surprising ways.

Protecting the natural environment is a major concern for Joelle, she explores ways to challenge the paradigm of industrial fashion and the use of dyes and chemicals that pollute rivers, by experimenting with dyes made from locally available materials with the aim of creating beautiful useful and wearable textiles.

She also writes a blog: The Eco Wardrobe Warrior where she shares her upcycled clothing projects, and views on sustainability issues, and capsule wardrobes.



instagram @theecowardrobewarrior

Cost £35 ,Booking essential.

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