Community Shop

Community Shop

Shop volunteers

Our Community Shop is open every Friday

1 pm – 2 pm in the Main Hall

The shop is a waste reduction initiative and open to everyone.

Each week we rescue a minimum of 400kg of high quality ‘supply chain waste’ from am organisation called FareShare.

The food is of excellent quality and is surplus for a whole number of reasons ranging from incorrect bar coding to over-manufacture – not usually because it is out of date (although some items are close).

The food we receive ranges from fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to tins, packets and jars, as well as the occasional cleaning and toiletry product.  Products are well known brands.  Dates are sometimes short i.e. use within a week on fresh products and a few months for ambient products.

How it works

The shop works on a pick and mix basis.  Customers select items worth 16 points for a bag costing £5 or 8 points for £2.50.  Most items are worth 1 point, but some large items may cost more than 1 point.

There’s no limit on the amount of £5 bags you can buy, but we do restrict high value items as best we can to ensure fairness.  

In addition, some weeks we also have additional items that are sold separately.  For example, fresh meat packs for £2.  



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You can join our facebook group for weekly updates on what is on offer and top tips and recipe suggestions for our produce.

Ways to pay

You can pay by cash or card.

Cardless payment device

If you would prefer to pay through Paypal then please use this link:

A picture of the hall set up for the shop