Make do and Mend for the 21st Century – Thrifty Design Ideas

17/03/2018 at 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Venue Manager: 07752 246255


Joelle Harris joins us for a day of upcycling and mending workshops. Joelle is a passionate follower of ethical fashion and it his her goal in life to keep clothing out of landfill.  She recently gave an interview about this, you can listen to the interview here  you can find out more bout Joelle and her workshops here


Bring along clothing from your wardrobe that you don’t currently wear because it needs mending, altering, or completely remaking.  Joelle will guide you through the process of altering and repairing as well as suggesting what can be done with those items beyond wearing.


In the morning you can make a bag or a cushion cover( or something else) from an item of clothing such as an old shirt, or using fabric such as eco-printed samples from previous a workshop.  In the afternoon we will get stuck into repairs and alterations. 


Bring your own sewing machine if you have one, but we will have a few spare if needed. 

The cost of the workshop is £7 per morning(10am-1pm) or afternoon session (1-4pm) or £12 for the full day 


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