Sound Bath (Yoga Relaxation Session)

14/11/2021 at 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Louise Hill : 07790759003
Sound Bath Yoga Relaxation Session with crystal bowls,gong,drum etc.
These sessions will be aimed at providing valuable relaxation space that’s much needed in today’s world . Many conditions physical and mental are recognised as being brought on or exasibated by tension and stress in life. Even simple muscular aches and pains can be reduced if we can learn to let go and relax more . Once the body can relax then our minds can begin to calm down and often solutions to problems or great new ideas that give us renewed inspiration pop in . 
After a very gentle movement sequence suitable for all levels and can even be done  in a chair , and simple calming yoga breath techniques you  are encouraged to close your eyes relax and listen to live sound waves from crystal bowls, gong,drum,Tibetan bowls and chimes. These harmonic vibrational sound waves flow through and around you improving the natural energy flow systems of your body and mind. Stagnant and negative energy may be shifted away and you may feel energised and completely refreshed afterwards. Sometimes you may feel tired and need to take more rest at home. 
Whatever is felt from the session your body is going to love the time to rest and recuperate especially if you’ve been feeling more tired , stressed  out ,anxious or overworked lately.
Even if you are well and just looking to improve or maintain your well being you may find the sessions help encourage the release of muscle tension and promote calmness and peace of mind.
Sound has been used as a therapy all over the world since ancient times. The sound waves pass through tissues as deep as the bones and through the electromagnetic field or aura of the body. Sound is being used now in hospitals for certain conditions . Sound and vibrational frequencies have been shown to speed the healing of bone and tissue. It’s like having a gentle sonic massage whilst you sit in a chair or lay comfortably on a mat with pillows and blankets (you will need to bring ) .
It’s OK to drift off to sleep or you may stay conscious and experience how all the different tones feel .
If you’d like to try a session please call or text Louise 07790759003 to register your interest and she’ll be happy to answer any queries.
Kirton Town hall is an ideal venue with warm under heated floor and light airy space . Mats and cuppa afterwards provided .

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