‘Waste Not , Want Not’ Bag Collection

23/07/2021 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Venue Manager : 07752246255
In April 2020 the Town Hall partnered with food waste reduction community project ‘Fareshare’
We’ve been surprised at the quantity and quality of the ‘waste products ‘we are receiving and have surplus of our own!
Every week, FareShare Hull & Humber receives tonnes of surplus food from the food industry. This food is of excellent quality and is surplus for a whole number of reasons ranging from incorrect bar coding to over-manufacture – not usually  because it is out of date (although some items are close ).
The food we receive ranges from fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to tins packets and jars, as well as the occasional cleaning and toiletry product. Products are well known brands, dates are sometimes short ie use within a week on fresh products and a few months for ambient products.
We are now offering ‘Waste not want not’ bags , this bag will cost £5 and will contain at least 10 items. The bags will be available on Fridays only and we will try to advertise the contents in the few days before on our Facebook page .
We are only expecting to have 10-12 bags a week so a first come first served system will be in place.
Bags must be collected from the Town Hall between 11 and 12 am on Fridays.
At this time of social distancing we will set up at the front door to prevent contamination of the building.
The scheme is open to all.

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